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Acupuncture & Tuina Massage

Both Acupuncture and Tuina Massage uses the idea of Jingluo (meridian) in the human body.

Traditionally, Jingluo is said to link all the organs in the body together, much like blood vessels.

There are points on Jingluo called acupoints which, if triggered by Acupuncture or Massage or both on the surface of the body, could stimulate the organs deep down inside the body, improving blood circulation of the body, remove toxins from the organs.

Acupuncture triggers acupoints by putting needles on the surface of the body. You should be able to feel the needle inside your body once it is through the skin. The feel is not pain but somewhat a tickle running through the body. This is the feeling when an acupoint is triggered by the needle.

Acupuncture lasts around 30 minutes during the time you'll be able to lay on a bed and relax while listening to some Traditional Chinese music.


More information on acupuncture can be found on




Tuina Massage triggers acupoints by putting pressure on the skin with hands and massage on and around the points. Usually, massage lasts about 30 minutes.


Both Acupuncture and Massage work in a similar way but both treatments are always together in order to get the best result. If recommended, along with herbal remedies, the problem can be cleared from its roots. 


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