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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Developed over more than 5000 years, TCM differs from the modern medicine, where herbs, acupuncture, massage... stimulates the body to treat itself. TCM could be used to CURE diseases, especially non-infectious diseases from its root rather than just symptom relieve.


TCM could also be used to prevent diseases and increase your immune system. It can be used to foresee some non-infectious diseases, which if treated early, will be prevented before any recognisable symptoms appear.

TCM recognises each individual as separate identity. Two individual with the same 'disease' maybe treated differently depending on the individual's health status, needs, other symptoms, pulses, and many more internal and external factors. 

Dr. Yang will tailor treatment to individual needs and will also advise patients on dietary intakes and lifestyles to maximise treatment effects. 

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