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Dietary prevention for COVID-19


  • Hot lemon, ginger, honey tea in the morning

  • Hot Pu'er and vinger tea, boil together and drink while hot​

Ume and 3 beans drink:

  • Black beans, green beans and yellow beans 30g each

  • Ume and almond 10g each

  • All soak in water for 3 hours

  • Add 30g of crystal sugar and boil

Millet porridge

The following dietary advice was taken from medical staff in China who have been working at the frontline up until now. It was suggested that this porridge can be used both as a prevention as well as dietary supplementation for those affected to improve symptoms and increase appetite.
I have attached my explanation of the ingredience used to make it more acceptable to the general public.

Please help to spread this around as it can benefit many of those especially with mild symptoms and are self isolating at home.

Millet porridge ingredients:
•Appropriate amount of millet – as much or as little as you like to make a soup
•20 grams of liquorice (not the sweet),
•10 grams of dried ginger,
•10 grams of fresh ginger,
•10 grams of jujube,

Cooking instructions:
Wash and Soak all ingredients in cold water for 30 minutes, and boil until the porridge is thick.
Drink while hot.

•Take once a day for prevention (for public)
•twice a day for treatment (as dietary supplements for patients)

Theory in Chinese Medicine:
From Chinese medicine point of view, COVID-19 is a disease due to cold and damp. This porridge has the effects of warming stomach, expel cold, relieving cough, and reduce sputum

•I understand that many people do not trust Chinese Medicine or thinks that herbal remedies can lead to kidney damage, thus I have attached an explanation to the ingredients used.
•Ginger and jujube are all normal ingredients we use normally
•Dried ginger and fresh ginger are slightly different in Chinese medicine so my advice is to add both
•Liquorice – although a Chinese medicine, it is also used as a sweetener in chewing gums. The liquorice we use is either dried liquorice or liquorice dried with honey.


  • 清晨喝生姜,柠檬,蜂蜜水

  • 普洱陈醋茶,趁热饮(国内一位董医生的方)。​


  • 黑豆,绿豆,黄豆各30克,乌梅,杏仁各10克(浸泡3个小时),

  • 冰糖30克(糖尿病可用黄精30克代替)煎汤饮。


  • 小米适量,炙甘草20克,干姜10克,生姜10克,大枣10克。水适量,红糖适量,煲粥至粘稠。趁温热喝。 

  • 红糖有温中(脾胃),活血化淤的作用;炙甘草,大枣有补中气的作用;干姜温中,生姜止呕,发散风寒的作用;小米粥是中国妇女做月子的营养餐。小米有点凉性,和温的药一起就比较平衡。

  • 在武汉一线的中医,治疗新冠时,使用了当归,桃仁等活血药物,目的就是促进肺的血循环,加快炎症吸收。红糖就有这个作用。如果没有炙甘草也可以。 如果体质偏热,可以加一些凉性食材。

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