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                       Treatment Examples                      

These are some of the conditions Dr Yang have treated previously. 

All patients have given their permission for their conditions and treatments to be posted on our website. Our patients' privacy are fully protected.

WARNING: Please do NOT treat yourselves at home according to these case studies. Same symptoms do NOT equal to same treatments.

Treatment of Alternating Chills and Fever.



The patient had limb weaknesses and upper extremity pains, especially extremely painful figure joints for the past two weeks. The GP wasn’t sure whether or not it was a viral infection, hence prescribed the patient some antibiotics for a week, which after two days, not only did it not cure the problem, the symptoms got worse. Every day starting around 7 pm, the patient feels extremely cold from head to toe, which lasts around an hour. While by 11 pm, the patient would feel extremely hot, which prevented sleep. This lasts until 1 am. After that, the patient would sweat really badly until around 3 am. Urine also appears yellow. Later on, red eyes also can be observed. After a few days, the GP told the patient that it is a viral infection, as the antibiotic didn’t work at all.




After taking the patient’s pulse and asking the symptoms, Dr.Yang diagnosed it as alternating chills and fever.




Acupuncture at acupuncture points Qimen (LR14), Zhongzhu (SJ3) and Yang Ling Quan (GB34).

By the evening after treatment, straightaway the patient’s symptoms of alternating chills and fever during the night have disappeared. 

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